Preparation for First Holy Communion

Not only is it an important year in the life of your child, it is also an important year for their class, their teachers, and also for you their parents/guardians. It is also a special time for our parish community.

Your child’s faith journey began that special day you brought your child to the Church to be baptised. Now, they are about to take another step in their faith journey, as they prepare for First Holy Communion. And we all have a part to play.

As part of our preparation for First Penance and First Holy Communion, we run a parish based Children’s Liturgy programme, that connects the classroom with the home and the parish. As part of the preparing for Sacraments, there is usually a School Information Night, an Enrolment Ceremony for you and your child where you agree to support them in preparing for Sacraments, and your child will have some participation throughout the year in the Children’s Liturgy during the 11am Sunday Masses.

It is a considerable commitment to attend Mass regularly and prepare children for sacraments and it is your choice whether you and you child engage or not.  Please feel free to discuss the option of not presenting your child for Sacraments with their teacher or the parish priest if you do not wish to commit to the preparation.

First Holy Communion Ceremonies

First Holy Communion is a parish celebration and occurs during the 11am Sunday Masses is St. Patrick’s. Aghagallon in the Month of May. Please check the parish bulletin/website and school newsletters for dates.